Juliette van Driel
Drs Product manager Wayside Train Monitoring Systems at ProRail, Dutch Infrastructure Manager

WTMS at ProRail: use and vision

With WTMS ProRail measures the assets of someone else: rolling stock of operating companies. We sent these data to the operating companies. These data can be used form maintenance if it is possible to identify rolling stock uniquely. ProRail has tested three ways of identifying rolling stock: RFID tags, camera’s and matching the train composition lists to our WTMS measurements. However maintenance of rolling stock is not the only use of our WTMS data. We can use it for lots of other purposes.

In this presentation I will talk about how we use our WTMS data and our experience with unique identification, how we want to use our data in the future and what our policy is towards the use of our data by others. At ProRail we encourage research and analyses of our data. Not only by ourselves but also by other parties as universities, research institutes and engineering bureaus. As long as we can meet the privacy requirements of the operating companies and they share their results with us. We believe we all benefit from sharing not online with research institutes but also sharing WTMS data with infrastructure managers from other countries.

Our editors have interviewed Juliette about her expertise. You can read the full interview here. 

Speaker biography:
Juliette van Driel Drs Product manager Wayside Train Monitoring Systems at ProRail. Juliette van Driel studied Geography in Utrecht. After working in several software companies she starting working in the rail sector in 1997: analyst of geographical data at the engineering bureau Holland Rail Consult; : functional manager Geographical Information Systems and business information analyst at ProRail. Since 2013 her job is product manager wayside train monitoring systems. This job includes managing the systems in the track, validating the quality of the measurements and transforming the data into information for different customers. During the past 5 years she has setup the department which is responsible for WTMS at ProRail.

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