Jochen Holzfeind
Chief Technology Officer at Voestalpine

Presentation title:
Proactive system design – a logical consequence of modern asset management

In the whole field of mobility, the railway system is a valuable partner in the transport of people and goods and is indispensable. However, the infrastructure required for the expected safety, economy and availability will tie a large amount of financial value and therefore be efficient and effective to monitor and maintain. In addition to the technical understanding of the behaviour of the assets due to their stresses, the combination of technical and economic knowledge is essential for successful maintenance management. Today’s possibilities in monitoring can be used to monitor assets over their lifecycle and to draw conclusions about necessary maintenance measures from their behaviour. Through the intelligent networking of data and information, the attentive Assetmanagern is increasingly also able to establish forecasts and a forward-looking maintenance regime. An optimisation of the existing plants is thus within reach.

Often neglected and undervalued, however, the potential for availability-limiting and cost-intensive maintenance measures can be reduced from the outset by the correct choice of components and systems. In many cases it does not fail in understanding these circumstances by the Assetmanagers, but to the currently availability of financial resources and the persuasive power of the Assetmanagers in the relevant decision-making bodies. In this respect, it is important to develop innovative approaches and solutions in order to show such beautiful sounding phrases as rams, LCC and CSR not only on paper and in the strategy, but also to achieve an effective value for the infrastructure company and the end customer.

Speaker biography:
Jochen Holzfeind studied civil engineering at the Technical University of Graz and General Management at the University of St.Gallen (HSG). After working with ÖBB in the field of planning and building new railway lines (2003-09) he developed and led the Asset Management of SBB (2010-17). In September 2017 he joined voestalpine as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Railway Systems including the business units Rail, Turnouts & Signaling.

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