Georg Neuper
Head of Life-Cycle-Management Track Assets at OEBB-Infrastructure

Presentation title: 
Overall Infrastructure Life-Cycle-Management at OEBB


The main task of the infrastructure manager is to provide the necessary assets for railway operation in line with the demand, assuring safety as well as sustainable economic efficiency.

For the efficient use of existing financial resources it is necessary, to ensure and prove the sustainability concerning the whole life-cycle of the assets. Therefore estimating future maintenance demands is a pre-condition. This is done via stable technical prognosis of the assets condition (Life-Cycle-Engineering). To guarantee the economic sustainability of the maintenance decisions life-cycle-cost evaluations for any asset are executed (Life-Cycle-Cost-Management). Overall Life-Cycle-Management is completed with raising maintenance synergies across the fields of engineering as well as optimising availability of the assets consistent with economic sustainability.

All in all with overall Life-Cycle-Management we receive the most sustainable asset management for railway infrastructure.

Speaker biography:
Georg Neuper (born in 1984) is responsible for Life-Cycle-Management concerning all track assets at the Austrian Federal Railways (OEBB). He completed his Civil Engineering studies in 2008 and started working at OEBB as a track engineer specialised in Life-Cycle-Costing. From 2011 to 2015 he was, beside his OEBB function, scientific assistant at Graz University of Technology, Institute of Railway Engineering and Transport Economy (TU Graz) with special focus on track geometry analyses and economic evaluations.

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