Dirk Bothof
Manager Advanced Analytics at Asset Insight BV.

Presentation title:
Predicting track geometry, a machine learning perspective

With the ever-increasing pressure on maintenance budgets, effective and timely tamping is a necessity, creating the need to know the future state of the track geometry in detail. In this presentation, we would like to show you how we build a model that does exactly this using data science and how this will change the way we plan tamping as we all know it. Furthermore, we will show that this shift to predictive maintenance can be made in other parts of the railway infrastructure as well and how this can improve the quality of the infrastructure while spending less money.

Speaker biography:
Dirk Bothof started his career at a railway contractor in the Netherlands where he helped to create the data science department that now calls Asset Insight home. This data science team aims at creating real-world value from data science solutions in the infrastructure sector. Currently, he is responsible for the department of Advanced Analytics of which the data science team is a part of.

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