Anna Frisee
Senior Asset Manager Track at SBB

Presentation title: 
Strategic Asset Management – The way to the long-term value retention of the track

The network of the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) is one of the busiest railway networks in the world. In addition to major achievements such as the highest punctuality rate in Europe or the integrated timetable the high performance of the network also presents SBB with major challenges. The available financial requirements and the maintenance and renewal rate of track have been greatly reduced since the turn of the millennium. The result is a growing backlog that has to be reduced. One of the major issues for the Strategic Asset Management of the track is how to handle the reduction of the backlog while the capacity of the network increases and the available resources are limited. Modelling can be used to demonstrate the influence of missing maintenance and renewal of the track and can help to develop a strategy for long-term cost reduction. The presentation shows the situation of the SBB track today and which strategic goals could already be realized on the basis of an active asset management.

Speaker biography:
Anna works since 2015 as Senior Asset Manager Track at SBB. From 2012 – 2015 she was assistant Professor at the Institute of Railway Engineering and Transport Economy, Graz University of Technology. Since 2013 she holds her PhD in the topic: The influence of the asset condition on the financial requirements of the infrastructure of railways.

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