Asset Management, WTMS & Monitoring in Rail Infrastructure


Submit your paper before 9th of May

Marieke van Gompel
Programme Committee

The call for papers for the RailTech Intelligent Rail Summit 2018 has been opened now. The deadline to submit the abstract of your presentation is the 9th of May.


Day one is dealing with Infrastructure Monitoring & WTMS. There, we will discuss the need for big data as well as different measurement systems and innovative data analyses.

The second day comprises “Railway Infrastructure Asset Management”. This includes data management and turning data into crucial information for evaluating the asset condition. This will serve as an input for a proper asset and life cycle management strategy. Afterwards, we will hear how other transport modes are managing their assets.

Criteria for the abstract:

Abstract should contain:

Infrastructure Monitoring & WTMS

Possible topics for Infrastructure Monitoring & WTMS:

Asset Management of Rail Infrastructure Monitoring

Possible topics for Asset Management of Rail Infrastructure Monitoring:

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To apply as a speaker for this conference, we kindly ask you to fill in below form. The knowledge you would like to share should be applicable for the international railway industry in its broadest sense.  The deadline to submit your abstract is the 9th of May.