Richard Koch
Consultant at Ricardo Rail

Presentation title:
Certification: a success factor for implementing heavy rail ATO

For Automatic Train Operation (ATO), one of the key challenges is to ensure a sufficiently high degree of safety. Whilst a variety of ATO metro applications already exists throughout Europe, within the domain of heavy rail new ATO applications are expected to appear within the coming years. For these heavy rail applications, safety standards are even higher, due to higher risk levels in terms of speed and mass.

This presentation presents our vision for the homologation of heavy rail ATO systems in the European member states. As long as specific interoperability standards for ATO are being developed, our approach is based on the following principles:
• Taking the Common Safety Method as framework (AsBo – CSM regulation);
• Applying the CENELEC standards EN50126, EN50128 and EN50129 (ISA);
• Integrate appropriately with the ETCS homologation (NoBo – TSI CCS).

Ricardo has many years of experience in accredited AsBo (Assessment Body), ISA (Independent Safety Assessment) and NoBo (Notified Body) services. Ricardo has performed homologation of on-board ETCS systems according to TSI CCS (Technical Specifications for Interoperability – Control Command and Signalling), has ISA experience for various ATO metro projects and has developed safety cases for autonomous road vehicles as well. Besides, Ricardo develops state of the art sensory and control applications taking into account cyber security.

Speaker biography:
Richard Koch is a senior consultant at Ricardo, a global, technical, consultancy firm in rail transport, environment and automotive. Richard is specialized in functional safety and automatic guidance systems. He is closely involved in the development and growth of autonomously driving vehicles to which he contributes as a consultant on functional safety.
With his knowledge of European legislation in the area of rail and road transport, he is actively involved in innovative projects on autonomous vehicles, such as EcoTwin Truck Platooning, Masdar PRT (Personal Rapid Transit), WEpods autonomous shuttles and Brussels Airport GRT (Group Rapid Transit).
Besides, Richard performs Nobo, ISA and AsBo assessments on ETCS (European Train Control System) which system is considered to form the basis for ATO.

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