Stephane LencoValérie Escalier
Vice President Cyberdefense at Alstom

Stéphane Lenco
Chief Information Security Officer at Airbus CISO

Presentation title
From airline industry to the railway sector: Alstom-Airbus cyber security collaboration


Ensuring the security against the cyberattack has become a critical subject in the public transport sector: the expansion connected products based on standard technologies to optimize build, operation and maintenance activities and to provide new services to the end user expose these products and end users to cyberattack.

Due to 11 September events, Airbus starts working on the cyber protection of their aircraft systems and their industrials means years ago. Similarities with Railway sector (Operational technologies, real-time constraints, usage duration, embedded environment, etc.) set an excellent context to collaborate and share experiences to tackle the cybersecurity issues on a railway context.

This presentation will present the Alstom / Airbus collaboration axes (Process and transformation, Platform and technology, Business and services). Similarities and differences between airline industry and railway industry are analyzed and solutions applicable to the railway context presented, enabling to foster Alstom cybersecurity transformation.

Speaker biography

Valérie Escalier started her carrier as Transversal IS&T Systems leader for Eurotunnel from 1991 to 2001. She then moved to restructuring & change management, specialized in SAP core model industrial deployment for Total (Angola/Nigeria 2002/2003) and for Schneider Electric(2003/2006). Major of promotion of the Economic Warfare School of Paris (Strategic Management and Economic intelligence) in 2006, she took in charge the II and Global Performance for Areva T&D Automation. She then became IS Director for Alstom Grid, responsible of the IS&T, Cybersecurity, Software Excellence and Global Performance. She is now the Alstom Cyberdefense Vice President, leading the Alstom cybersecurity transformation, securing Alstom Solutions and Products portfolio. She has signed strategic partnership agreement with Airbus on cybersecurity.  Valérie has defined the Alstom Cyberdefense offer now available on the market for railways operators.

Stephane Lenco holds an engineering degree from “Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile” (National School for Civil Aviation) in Toulouse, France, with majors in Air Traffic Management and Computer Science. He is currently Chief Information Security Officer of Airbus, in charge of Digital Security matters across IT, OT or otherwise, reviving his original aviation engineering background. In this function, he created the Airbus CERT –the cyber security threat intelligence and incident response team of Airbus- and is also the secretary to GITSIS, a CISO association in France. Stephane recently keynoted at the Australian Cyber Security Conference on topics such as Cyber Security strategy and Awareness.

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