Jacques Poré
PR & Marketing Manager Alstom Transport

Presentation title:
The value of ATO for the future operations for Suburban and Regional rail lines with dense traffic

The Automatic Train Operation system for the central section of the Paris suburban RER-A been put in operation by Alstom for RATP in April 2017 controlling double sets of 5 car double-deck MI09 trains or the previous generation so-called MI2N. The whole fleet will be progressively put into service until end of 2018. The trains are designed to carry more than 1300 persons at 100 km/h through the central sections with a 2 minute headway.

The ATO is an integrated addition to the Distance-to-Go continuous transmission ATC system already installed on the line. RER A, which is Europe’s most heavily frequented suburban line and transports 1.2 million passengers per day. Alstom took on a real technical challenge: to install, in less than two years, an ATO on an existing 30-year-old system, technically complex given the interfacing with two types of existing trains. This is also the first time ever that ATO to be installed on heavy suburban or regional trains to improve the regularity and efficiency of a complex operation with multiple destinations and close headway junction operations. This solution will provide time savings of approximately 2 minutes on average journey between the stations of Vincennes and La Défense, representing an increase in commercial speed of 5 km/h.

The presentation will present the relevance of this operation in the context of the proposed future deployment of the ERTMS Baseline 3 on conventional suburban rail lines. In addition progress will be discussed on applying ATO to high density Regional line operations.

Speaker biography:
Jacques Poré is presently ALSTOM representative of UNISIG, the group of railway signalling experts in charge or ERTMS/ETCS, as well as Shift²Rail, the Railway of the Future, where Jacques Poré is the Technical Coordinator and System Coherence Manager. Jacques Poré held various positions with Alstom Transport Marketing & Sales such as proposing the strategy in the field of railway signalling and telecommunications for the company and managing the market intelligence for all main-lines and mass-transit businesses. He has also been in charge of several development laboratories in the company, including track circuits and the High-Voltage-Impulse type, developing KVB, the Automatic Train Protection of SNCF, and he was involved with SACEM ATC system for RATP Line A and Hong-Kong metro.
From 1990 to 1998, Jacques Poré has been the Secretary of CENELEC SC9XA, the Sub-Committee for European Standards in the field of signalling and telecoms.
Jacques Poré has also for long been involved with the IRSE, the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers, becoming IRSE President in 2005-2006.

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