Domenico Raguseo
Manager of Technical Sales, Europe, Security at IBM

Domenico Scardicchio
Software Product Manager at MER MEC

Presentation title:
Be effective in protecting against the cybercrime

Although Railway equipment cannot be classified as ICT systems, they use ICT equipment and/or software components, so they inherit the Cyber Security concerns of ICT. What happens if a cyber-attack involves a critical infrastructure as railway signaling? The most likely event it’s a denial of service resulting in train stops with loss of money and trust, but a safety iss

ue cannot be excluded too. All these threats are increasing as the recent cyber attack to government institutions, banks and service company are demonstrating.

If we focus the attention on railway signalling, we obtain that systems like ERTMS/ETCS are very complex and composed of several sub system (trackside equipment, on-board equipment, processing systems, network connections and radio links) interconnected. Each subsystem requires a deep security analyses, for instance a radio link can be jammed with consequent on capacity reduction or messages integrity. Complex systems as ERTMS/ETCS also require a holistic approach to ensure a higher level of protection.

Speakers biography:

Domenico Raguseo is currently Manager of Technical Sales in Europe for the Security Systems Division. He has over 15 years of management experience in different areas. Raguseo also cooperates with several universities by teaching Service Management, Cloud Computing, Security ( La Sapienza, Bocconi, RomaTre). Since 2010 he is member of Educational Scientific Council for the Master in IT Governance at the University of Rome La Sapienza. Domenico got in IBM a certification as IBM Master Inventor for the multiple patents and publications in several disciplines (Business Processes, ROI, Messages and Collaborations, Networking). He is one of the authors for the Clusit Report. Finally he is speaker on Information Security Management, Service Management, Cloud computing, Energy Optimization and Smarter Planet in several national and international events.

Domenico Scardicchio is an Italian Senior Software Engineer. In almost 30 years of experience, he has gained skills both in Software Production and in Information Systems. Since 2005 he is in MER MEC S.p.A and is involved in development and management of railway software products related to diagnostics, asset maintenance and signalling systems. He is currently the Software Product Business Manager and is in charge to assure high-quality software development, complaint to international standards and norms, within predictable schedule and assigned budget. As CIO (Chief Information Officer), he supervised the Cyber Security Issues related to the Company Information Systems. Previously, he worked as researcher at Tecnopolis CSATA / InnovaPuglia (a Private Research Institute) where he participated to different Regional, National and European research projects and to development projects for Public Administration. He gained relevant experience in the Processes of Development for various Software Typologies in several Application Domains.

Other authors that have worked on the abstract are: Luca Bizzotto, SWAT and Security at IBM and Simone Riccetti, X-Force Red, Security, MEA at IBM

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