Sander van LochemDick TerlethDick Terleth 
Director Mobility at ADSE

Sander van Lochem
Avioniscs specialist

Presentation title:
What could ATO learn from Aviation?

The technology for rail systems has reached sufficient maturity for starting with the specific design and implementation of Automatic Train Operation (ATO). The removal of the human from the vehicle control loop creates the need for a sophisticated safety system. The aviation Safety Management System (SMS) has been proven to inherently improve the safety of the highly automated system operation by incorporating organised feedback loops. This has resulted in high levels of safety and therefore might be applied to make ATO learn from mistakes, incidents and accidents.

To understand how to obtain these high levels of safety, availability, integrity and reliability, a comparison between aviation and rail will be presented. By mapping the processes set in place for aviation to rail, an approach might be developed for the definition of system requirements for ATO with the corresponding processes and organisational structure for a maintained compliance during the entire life cycle.

In this presentation, lessons learned and experiences of years working within the rail and aviation industry are presented by ADSE experts. Key aspects of the introduction, operation and life cycle management for ATO are explored.

Speaker biography:
Dick Terleth is a senior consultant at ADSE, an independent Dutch engineering and consulting company in Aerospace, Rail and Defence. As Director Mobilty he is responsible for the ADSE services in the rail industry at clients such as ProRail, RET and Dutch Railways.

Dick holds a MSc in Aerospace Engineering from the Delft University of Technology. He started his career working at Fokker Aircraft in miscellaneous roles. As project manager he worked for a number of big software vendors at customers in Aerospace and High Tech industry. At ADSE Dick specializes in Systems Engineering and Configuration Management as important elements for developing complex systems.
Sander van Lochem (Function: Avionics specialist)

Sander van Lochem holds a MSc in Aerospace Engineering from the Delft University of Technology and specialises in avionics and air traffic management. As a major part of his specialism he is responsible for the developments of ADSE in the area of autonomous systems and human factors.

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