David RogersDavid Rogers
Vertical Sales Development Manager Rail

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IEC 62443 – a Cybersecurity standard securing the Digital Railway

Nowadays, communication networks in rail are increasing; more IP-based communication onboard as well as along the track increasing efficiency, output and availability. Promising the brave new world, the level of security is omitted to a certain extent, or handled by a single component for example – just recent events of the ransomware Wanacryptor 2.0 showed how vulnerable communication systems became. But cyber security is more than the application of one component; a concept needs to be followed in order to secure the communication in rail and covering all the different aspects of security.
As of today the IEC 62443 standard is the most comprehensive guideline with regards to cyber security systems within one industry. Developed for the automation sector, the goal in applying the 62443 series is to improve the safety, availability, integrity and confidentiality of components or systems used for industrial automation and control, and to provide criteria for procuring and implementing secure industrial automation and control systems.

Within this presentation the target is to introduce the basic concept of 62443, its legal framework, best-practice from automation industry and how and why an adaption of this standard will contribute to cyber-security in IP-driven rail networks.

Speakers biography:
David Rogers is the Business Development Manager of Siemens Industry focusing on communication solutions for Rail since 2016. Prior to this job he already worked in the railway sector at Deutsche Bahn where he conducted a vocational training and subsequently worked as a project manager for new installations. With an intense working experience in automation in Germany and Asia, and holding a major degree in this field as well, David gained domain knowledge along all aspects of Automation and Digitalization including IT-Security and transfers this knowledge into rail concepts leveraging the megatrend digitalization. David holds an Master degree in Automation and an MBA from Mannheim Business School, Germany.

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